Sunday, April 6, 2014

TOY NEWS FOR 4/6/2014 - NECA - 6" GODZILLA (12" LONG)

NECA has given us a beautiful group of photos featuring their upcoming Godzilla figure from the new 2014 film.

A few people have pointed out that NECA's version of 'Zill doesn't look all the different from the new Bandai or Jakks Pacific figures. I think that speaks more to their exemplary efforts than it does to any lacking on NECA's part.

I figure by any company should look like the character that they are representing, so I don't have any issues with NECA Godzilla, but the design itself is still odd looking to these old Godzilla fan's eyes.

What I don't see much of in these pics is shading or paint apps on the figure. I don't know exactly how his [lizard] skin will look in the film, but I hope there are some of NECA's usual paint washes and dry brushing on the figure to bring out all those wonderfully sculpted details and give the figure a little more "pop".

While this figure looks cool, I'm really, really looking forward to NECA's version of other "classic" Godzillas way more than this one.

This figure should arrive in stores in May for around $20.00

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