Sunday, April 6, 2014


I absolutely love the original Batman Animated cartoons.

The mastermind behind these awesome designs is [now] comic book and animation legend Bruce Timm

Thanks to him and fellow producer/writer Paul Dini (the man who created Harley Quinn), Batman: The Animated Series and its follow-up, The New Batman Adventures, still stand as some of the best Batman stories in the history of the character.

So, when DC Collectibles announced that they'd be delving into that universe to bring us a whole new line of action figures (the previous Kenner ones were well done, but these blow them away on every conceivable level), they became my first must-have figures for 2014. (Although we'll have to wait until November before we see them!)

Initially, many fans, including myself, thought that we'd only be getting the Batman and Catwoman shown at Toy Fair-- and while I'd certainly be happy with that-- DC Collectibles quickly announced that this was a a line that had very long-term plans, assuming it was successful with fans. Well, I don't think they have much to worry about there!

Here we get our first look at two more figures from that upcoming line in the form of their New Adventures designs. (DC Collectibles has plans for both cartoon series and says that just because we see a character done in one style doesn't mean that we won't still see him/her done in the other.)

Shown here are Mr Freeze and Two-Face.

More info on these two as it becomes available.

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