Tuesday, April 15, 2014


And finally, the last of Sideshow Collectibles' planned/previously announced 1/6 scale figures is officially up for pre-order on their site, and it's the only non-Batman Family character-- although probably the most well-known super hero in the world-- the Man of Steel-- Superman.

To me, Superman seems to be a very, very difficult character to capture in toy form.

The character needs to look noble, but tough. Kind but strong. He needs to be muscular, but not oafish.

So how did Sideshow do with capturing a decent portrait of the Last Son of Krypton...? A pretty damned good job, I'd say.

I think he has all the needed hallmarks of the Man of Steel's face without going too far in any one direction.

The only issue that I have with the sculpt is the sharp wideness at the base of his jawline beneath his ears. It seems to flare out too much rather than just doing straight down, or at less of an extreme angle. But, that's a pretty small gripe for such a wonderful looking figure.

What also stands out with this figure is the addition of the extra head sculpts-- including some heat vision energy crackling around his eyes!

The Sideshow Exclusive version will include this extra hand holding a severed Metallo head!

The figure is expected to be released in Jan of 2015 at a price of $199.99

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