Thursday, November 28, 2013


In celebration of Thanksgiving (aka "Turkey Day") here in the states, I've decided to take a look at [some freakishly odd] action figures that come with turkeys!

First up is a 12" GI Joe type action figure that was available through Walmart.

Meet "Turkey Hunter Dan".

What could be better than teaching kids the safety of hunting wild turkeys with an action figure, where they can play out murderous scenarios before they take the new rifle that "pa" got them out into the dangerous, turkey infested woods!

Here's the description (which I love) of the figure from Walmart's website:

"Imagine the dogwood trees are in full bloom and the sun is just beginning to peek over the horizon as Hunter Dan awaits that first thunderous gobble of the morning. Maybe this will be the day that the sweet notes from his Quaker Boy box call will lure in Boss Tom. Your child can help guide Hunter Dan as he sets up on ol' "Boss" in hopes of calling in the mighty warrior in full strut. Hunter Dan encourages all of his hunting buddies to attend an approved hunter education course before actually going afield. Play it safe with Hunter Dan."

Next up is another action figure in the same vein as Dan. This figure is of The Outdoor Channel's host of the Bone Collector TV show-- Michael Waddell. As you can see, they really captured a stunning likeness here, and, once again, the figure is just top notch. Wow! GI Joe's got nothin' on this guy!

He comes with a backpack, hat and-- of course-- a shotgun for killin' 'dem damned turkeys!

And lastly we've got the Clown figure from the early days-- 1994 to be exact-- of McFarlane Toys' Spawn line.

The Clown here doesn't have the patience to go huntin' for his own turkeys-- much like the rest of us on this day-- and instead just gnaws on some store bought turkey to feed his fat belly! 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!

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