Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I loved this movie and I'm loving this toy series. (And I get my 18" Gypsy Danger tomorrow!!!)

NECA has something special planned for Pacific Rim Series 3...

We've already heard that we'd be getting Cherno Alpha and Coyote Tango, as well as the Trespasser Kaiju (formally "Axhead"), but Series 3 will have a fourth figure-- a properly scaled Knifehead! (Over 50% larger than the original!)

I have a bit of a disdain for "battle-damaged" figures as they are usually just repaints of previous figure with nothing really interesting about them other than that. Plus, in my collection, I always prefer the "iconic" version of a character, not a "scene specific" (ie "battle damaged") version. So, this new Knifehead is a bit of good news/bad news for me personally. Obviously I, like most collectors, have been a slight bit disappointed in the under-scaling of the original Knifehead as well as the minimal articulation, so this new version (most likely the same sculpt that will also be used for the 18" version) fixes all those issues. But, it's covered in blue goo-- in other words: battle-damaged.

Clearly NECA made this decision because, even though it differs greatly from the original Knifehead, it is still the same character. So, to make this one "different" enough from the original-- and entice collectors to buy this new version-- they decided to make it "battle-damaged".

If most collectors are like me, then they just want and new and better version, and NECA can scrap the idea of needing to make it the obligatory "battle-damaged" version. Just give me a clean version of this new and improved figure! That will be more than enough to make me happy as a pig in slop.

My griping aside, lets get back to the figures. This series will be split into two assortments, one for the Jagers and one for the Kaiju. The reason for this is because these Kaiju will be much larger than the Jagers (like Leatherback from Ser 2) and NECA needs to split the cost of production costs and, instead of just doing a blanket price hike across the entire wave, they're keeping the Jagers at the usual price point while charging something more appropriate (higher) for the much larger [deluxe] Kaiju. Perfectly understandable.

No official pictures of the Jagers yet.

All four figures are slated for a March release. The Jagers will be the usual price (which can vary from place to place) at around $17.99 each. The Dlx. Kaiju figures will be $28.99 each.

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