Friday, November 22, 2013


A few months back NECA mentioned that they were working on action figure stands to fit their 6" figures (or any other 6" figure line) as well as stands for their 1/4 scale figures.

Well, so far it looks like they're coming through with the 6" figure stands-- and I can tell ya, there's a lot of figures in my collection that could use 'em!

At last, we can put an end to all of our "shelf diving" figures! And I'm glad that they went with the clear plastic.

Now, in my opinion, while this is good news, there is a down side. The price point for a pack of 10 stands is going to be between $8.00 - $10.00. While this might not seem terrible, that's still somewhere between .80 to $1.00 a stand. That seems a bit much to me for a chunk of plastic. .50 seems for more reasonable, but, regardless, I have no doubt that I'll be buying up plenty of these stands. The problem is that I've got about 100 figures (between my NECA and Marvel Legends figures alone!) that could use these stands, which means that $10.00 per 10 stands is gonna add up fast!

But really, with no real 6" figure stands on the market, and the very dire need for them, I'm just going to be happy about this announcement and shut my trap.

They will most likely only be available online (and perhaps some online stores). The stands are set to be available in February.


  1. Hey, Stinny, do you know if these stands will work for the 4 inch Nickelodeon's TMNT line? I would LOVE to get some figure stands for all of those.

    1. As long as the peg holes on feet are the same size as an average 6" figure-- which I believe they are-- then these stands should work perfectly.