Saturday, November 16, 2013


If you're a Masterpiece Transformers collector and don't own Fans Toys' previous release-- FT-03 Quake Wave (aka Shockwave)-- you owe it to yourself to run, as soon as humanly possible, and add that figure to your collection.

It fits in absolutely perfect with the Takara MP figures. From the color to the design to the detail to the quality, Quake Wave is just perfect!

Now Fans Toys has shown their next figure (with a teaser image for the next two!) and it will be the Dinobot Slag! Well, I mean, we all know it's Slag, but of course they have to call it "Scoria".

Looking at the design of this next figure, it's obvious that he'll fit in just as well as Quake Wave does with the MP line. I do have one concern though....

Takara's MP-08 Grimlock stands at about 9" tall. "Scoria" will come it at 11" tall. In my opinion, he shouldn't be taller than Grimlock! I have no idea why Fans Toys went that route. Why not make "Scoria" 8"-9" tall to have him fit in better with Grimlock and cut the price down a little with the size?

Well, I guess everything can't be perfect.

They will be including an add-on for MP Grimlock to make him stand a little taller and fit in better with "Scoria" but I just don't understand why they won't just produce the figure at the appropriate height.

Regardless, because of my love for the Dinobots and the sheer beauty of Quake Wave, I went ahead and pre-ordered this one.

He's slated for a March release with a price tag of $199.99

But that's not all! Check out the teaser image Fans Toys released showing some of their upcoming releases!

Jetfire and Swoop!! Wow!!!

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