Saturday, November 2, 2013


My head.... has just exploded.

For those of us who grew up on giant robots and giant monsters, Pacific Rim was a total geek-gasm in every possible way. For those who didn't, it seemed to be taken as just par for the course as far as summer movies go.

Since I am the former in that statement, I loved the hell out of this movie!

One thing I hoped would come from the film was a great bunch of Jager figures. And while I love NECA's affordable line of 6" action figures, and plan to continue to collect them all-- along with the 18" Gypsy Danger which will be coming my way later this month-- what I really always hoped to see was something along the lines and quality of what Bandai does with their Soul of Chogokin line.

Yeah, it was a long shot, I know, but then Bandai recently announced that they had acquired the license to Pacific Rim, but that we wouldn't see anything until 2015. Plus, there's no word on what kind of products Bandai will be producing, so obviously there's no guarantee that we'll see any diecast robots from the film.

But now we have that guarantee from Play Imaginative!

They will be producing figures from Pacific Rim through their Super Alloy line. But.... that's all we know so far.

PI's Super Alloy figures are beautiful-- but not cheap. So now we're left to wonder... Will this be a 6" line, (usually around $110 each) a 18" line (about $600+ each) or a 12" line (about $360 each)?

Perhaps we'll see all three! For now, we just don't know as PI has not announced anything more than what's detailed in the image above.

I'll take either the 6" or 12" for sure, but that 18" is gonna be really expensive!! (But it would also be so bad ass!!!!)

I'll bring you more details as soon as they're available.

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