Friday, November 1, 2013


Well, if you didn't know this was coming, then you don't know the current state of the toy industry.

Most companies-- even the big guns-- can only afford to bring us new figures if they consist of a large percentage of reused parts (from previous figures), or if they're just a complete repaint.

It's not the old days of the 70's and 80's where we'd have a constant string of brand new figures featuring 100% new parts and tooling. The toy market has shrunk (and is still shrinking) since those "good ol' days".

Video games and electronic devices have replaced most youngster's interest in toys and action figures and, without their support, toy companies just aren't doing nearly as well as they used to in the action figure isle.

With a smaller company like NECA, these kinds of repaints are their bread and butter. In fact, without them, NECA probably couldn't exist. Or, if they did, we wouldn't be seeing kind of consistent (and quality) releases that we currently do.

No one likes a repaint (for the most part), but they are a big part of the action figure market as well as a necessary one.

And that all brings us around to this latest announcement from NECA-- a 1/4 scale repaint of their recently released Superman from Man of Steel-- this time in the black suit.

Almost every company that has produced a Superman figure or statue from the film has also offered a black suit version, which was featured in a scene in the film that was so short that I forgot that he actually wore it in the film! (Well, to be fair, it was a mental illusion.)

Price and release date info to come.

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