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This is without a doubt one of my most anticipated films for this summer.

I think that writer/director Guillermo del Toro is a brilliant filmmaker, and when you're talking about a 200 million dollar sci-fi epic that features giant robots fighting giant monsters, you're pretty much guaranteed a box office blockbuster.

I love NECA (as you probably already know if you've read any of my post on NECA in the past), but this is not really my preferred method in seeing these characters as toys. NECA is great at organic, grungy figures, but this is very different from anything they've done before.

Now, it's not that I don't have faith in their abilities, but a 7" figure of a giant robot done in the type of plastic that US companies use... Well, it's not what I'd wish for.

I doubt that we're going to be seeing a Japanese (or Chogokin) version of these figure (duh!) so it's going to be up to NECA to kick some serious ass! One thing we know for sure is that these figure were created from the digital files made by ILM for the film, so that's a definite plus.

I don't remember a time when NECA really had a potentially killer license like this before. Usually they go for the old classics, but this time out, they'll be competing with more established toy companies for that summer film toy dollar. If Pacific Rim ends up being a major hit, it could translate into some major success for NECA as well.

NECA Pacific Rim Gypsy Danger Jaeger figure
Gypsy Danger

NECA Pacific Rim Crimson Typhoon Jaeger figure
Crimson Typhoon

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