Thursday, May 23, 2013



Anyone else out there as excited for these as I am? Looks like they're just around the corner as NECA Tweeted out the packaged pics of the Aliens Series 1 figures.

I can't wait for these, but my issue is: 1) I want the blue version of the Alien Warrior (which is coming in Series 2) and 2) I think I'm going to like the more heavily geared versions of Hudson and Hicks that will be coming in the 2-Packs later in the year.

But, that being said, I will still be getting these. I just don't have the patience. I've been waiting for them for too long! Curse you, NECA! Your plan is working! I'll be buying both versions of all three of these figures!!

These should be in stores (Toys R Us, specialty stores) mid/late June for around $20 each.

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  1. I've been told that the deluxe Aliens 2-packs will feature a battle-damaged Alien with a fully-armed Marine. For example, Hicks and Hudson will have different head sculpts, basically the same bodies and different arsenals which will include helmets on both. I will be glad to have different head sculpts of Hicks and Hudson, mainly because both heads/faces look overly painted. Also, I would prefer to have a Hudson which is not cross-eyed with his mouth open, God bless Bill Paxton. The painted arms and faces/heads do present a problem because the paint comes off easily when you play with them. Although I don't throw my figures like a child, I do enjoy creating stop-animation movies and putting them in different poses. Sadly, the paint from the hands has already rubbed off onto the weapons. Also, Hudson fell on his side during filming of one of my stop animation movies and there is a significant wear area on his head, which makes him look cheap. All in all and minus the faults, I'm grateful to have figures of these characters in that scale.