Sunday, May 19, 2013


Go Hero is one of the very few high-end, limited edition 1/6 scale figure manufacturers that is actually US based.

Their work does not hold a candle to many of the far superior companies in the 1/6 market, but Go Hero has a very unique niche: old school Americana comic book heroes.

While their figures are far from bad, and continue to get better, they are costly, and with today's prices, people expect a certain level of quality when shelling out that kind of cash. Most of Go Hero's figure come in at a little over the 100 dollar mark.

With characters like Buck Rogers, The Shadow and Sinbad-- as well as a previous version of Doc Savage-- Go Hero now tackles the Silver Age version of the "Man of Bronze".

I don't usually do this, but I'll put Go Hero's release statement here since it contains info that might be pertinent for collectors of the line:

"From Go Hero X Executive Replicas! For the first time ever, Executive Replicas and Go Hero are proud to present the first ever Doc Savage 1/6-scale action figure. Now you can superamalgamate with a Silver Age-style head; a Kaustic Plastik Heroik Muscle Body KP02B that features over 40 points of articulation, extraordinarily lifelike muscle defintion, 4 posing hands, carefully painted skin texture; die-cast weapons including Jim Steranko's "Super Savage Machine Pistol," Silver Age-style raygun, and German Lugar; leather belt; leather holster; leather boots; socks; ripped shirt; jodhpurs; and stand."

Go Hero 1/6 Scale Doc Savage 12" Figure

He'll be released in Oct with a price still TBA.

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