Thursday, May 9, 2013


UPDATE 5/13/201

From Mattel: There will be a small amount available during Early Access. He’s subject to sellout during Early Access (purchase limit has been reduced to four per subscriber) and won’t be available to the public on May 15th. BUT, watch for his logo in the MattyCollector shop as he will appear unannounced throughout the year – you never know when he’ll sneak back in.

It was also said that he will be available, unannounced, at different times throughout the rest of 2013. So, unless you have a subscription and early access, then you may still be S.O.L. on getting this figure.


If you've been anywhere on any toy site today, then you probably already know the news about this "secret" figure from Mattel.

Sold on their MattyCollector site, this Spirit of Hordak figure is a "hidden" figure that only pops up for sale periodically and without warning. In fact, Mattel didn't even tell fans that this figure was coming!

So, how do you get the figure? Good question....

According to those who've been able to acquire one, you need to go to the "SHOP" section of the Matty site and when you see the Masters of the Universe symbol turn into a Horde symbol, then you know that you've found Hordak and that he's available to order.

You can also periodically try this link-- which should turn back into the order page for the figure when he pops back up.

Good luck!!

And if you miss out on him and try to pick one up on e-bay, he's already selling for over $100. Hooray.

Mattel Master of the Universe Classics Spirit of Hordak Figure

Mattel Master of the Universe Classics Spirit of Hordak FigureMattel Master of the Universe Classics Spirit of Hordak Figure

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