Friday, May 31, 2013


Do you like words like "ass" and "motherfucker" on your action figure packaging? If so, then this is going to be you're only way to get it!

Yes, it was obvious that NECA could not put the name of Kick-Ass' nemisis, "The Motherfucker" (formally "Red Mist" from the first film) on the packaging if it was going to be in stores like Toys R Us and FYE, but it looks like even the name "Kick-Ass" will be censored, too.

But if you're headed to this years' San Diego Comic-Con, then NECA is going to give you the chance to own these figures in the uncensored packaging they are meant to be in.

The set will cost you $75 at the show. More than I'd like to pay for some cuss words on the packaging-- especially considering the fact the that figures will the exact same ones that will arrive at retail-- but if you want to keep thes carded, or just want to get them a little early, then this might very will be worth the extra coin.

NECA Kick-Ass SDCC Exclusive Figure

NECA Kick-Ass SDCC Exclusive Hit Girl FigureNECA Kick-Ass SDCC Exclusive The Motherfucker Figure

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  1. Even though I'm old enough for Kick-Ass, I refuse to have anything to do with that franchise because of how it parodies extraordinary heroes. If there's a law against creating that franchise, I'd use it against its creator. That is, if I know how to take action against him or her and if I have what it takes to sue.