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All props for this info goes to the folks over at The have posted a very in-depth article where they took a trip to NECA's offices to bring us all kinds of great news and pictures.

So let me do a quick run-down of all the interesting bullet points of's visit:

  • A flame-thrower wielding figure is planned for Aliens Series 2 (probably it will be Apone). Official announcement will come at Comic-Con.

  • There will be no Power Loader or Ripley for the series. They can't get the likeness rights for Sigourney  Weaver and don't have plans to. (Bummer...)

  • There will be an Alien Queen deluxe figure set. They are looking at a Q4 2013 or Q1 2014 release.

  • The Hudson and Hicks 2-Packs that are coming later in the year (both come with battle-damaged Aliens) will feature screaming heads (shown below) with (yet to be attached) non-removable helmets and additional accessories.

  • NECA is deciding how to release the Facehugger and Egg accessories. They will not come with any of the figure in Series 1 or 2.

  • Aliens Series 2 will feature a blue Alien Warrior, a new version of the 1979 Alien from the original film, and the aforementioned Marine with Flamethrower.

  •  Col. Stars and Stripes, Jim Carey's character from Kick-Ass 2, is planned for Wave 2 along with an armored version of Kick-Ass himself. (see pic below)

  • NECA does not yet know how (or if) the unmasked heads for Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl will be released. (I hope they are! They look amazing!!)

  • Two more yet-to-be-revealed Dutch figures are planned for the Predator line. (How more variants of Dutch can there be!??!)

  • A 1/4 scale Dutch is planned for Q4 2013 or Q1 2014.

  • There will be new figures produced from the AVP (Aliens vs Predators) movies. The figures will feature double-jointed elbows and opening wrist gauntlets.

  •  NECA will be doing a "direct to customer" service. They are trying to figure out how they will set it up. This may be a subscription service, a simple order-from website or something more like a NECA Club. The goal is to deliver figures and products that wouldn't otherwise make it to retail stores.

  • The first items from NECA's service will the the Predator Trophy Skull multi-pack (YES!!!!) and Bioshock 2-Pack featuring the Lady Splicer and Crawler. (see pics below)

  • There will be more DC product beyond just the 1/4 Superman and Batman figures.

  • They want to do a 1/4 scale Hulk, but it will be tough. But it is definitely on their "let's try to make it happen" list.
 Here are some choice pics from their visit to NECA. You can see their original article for all the pictures.

NECA Predator Trophy Skull Set

NECA Bioshock Lady Splicer & Crawler Exclusive 2-Pack

NECA Aliens Hicks Figure

NECA Aliens Hudson Figure

NECA Aliens Hicks Figure

NECA Aliens Hudson Figure

NECA Aliens Hicks Figure

NECA Aliens Hicks Figure

NECA Aliens FacehuggerNECA Aliens Facehugger

NECA Aliens Hicks Figure

NECA Aliens Hudson Figure

NECA Aliens Facehugger Egg (closed)

NECA Aliens Facehugger Egg (open)

NECA Kick-Ass Figure

NECA Kick-Ass Hit-Girl Figure

NECA Kick-Ass Unmasked Headsculpt

NECA Kick-Ass Hit-Girl Unmasked Headsculpt

NECA Kick-Ass in Armor Figure

NECA Predator Water Emergence Carded Figure

NECA Aliens vs Predator AVP Figure (WIP)
AVP work in progress

NECA Robocop ED-209 Figure

NECA Robocop ED-209 Figure

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