Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Just a reminder: we have only a few days left to get enough pre-orders in for Mattel's Castle Grayskull in order to send this thing into production!!

With out YOUR pre-order, this will NOT be made!!

The deadline for this proposed playset (aka potential work of freakin' art and best playset ever) is this coming Monday by midnight.

If you're waiting for everyone else to pre-order it so that you can order it later-- DON'T. That's the exact formula for this thing to NEVER BE MADE.

Think about it-- if everyone did that, then they would never be enough pre-orders, right? It's simple logic. Simple math.

And I understand if you are put off by the price tag. $250 is a chunk of change. But, realize that this isn't the 80's anymore. Playsets don't cost $50. Not to mention, have you seen the new TMNT sewer playset? That costs $120 bucks and it is obviously a kids playset! This-- this will five times better than that set-- and it's only a little over twice the price.

I mean, a Hot Toys figue-- a single figure-- can easily cost you almost as much as this Castle Grayskull will-- and this playset will be a huge centerpiece for your toy collection!

Come on people, do it!! Pull the trigger! Save $25 bucks a month from here till next Nov and you can cover the cost of this thing to your door (if you live in the US)!!

Let's make this happen! Don't wait! Go NOW!!!!

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