Saturday, November 24, 2012


Okay, let's get tow things out of the way-- one: this is GUNGRAVE and two: this is freakin' awesome!!!

This is what 1/6 figures should be about!! The detail, the design, the brilliant weapons and accessories! We get some cool stuff as action figures, but very rarely does this kind of design make its way in the the 1/6 scale. InFlames has presented an amazing prototype here and I really hope that the final product lives up the brilliance I see in these photos.

I would actually prefer an anime style head to the realistic one they've decided to go with-- which looks strangely like Tom Cruise. At the very least, darker hair would definitely make this thing 100% perfect, but I guess a little customizing once he's in-hand will take care of that.

UPDATE - This figure is set for a Q2 2013 release at around $280 USD. (Ouch!)

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