Wednesday, November 28, 2012


These figures? Look like shit.

See how Mattel handled the Green Lantern and Batman lines? See how they cluttered up the half the toy isles long after their films were out? See the way Mattel way over played their hand in the hopes that children would eat this stuff up? See how retailers were the ones who had to all that crap instead?

Well, just replace Green Lantern or Batman with Superman and you'll see the same shit happen for 2013.

The Movie Masters-- assuming they make them-- will be the only thing of any quality from this entire line. For some reason, both Mattel and Hasbro have decided that kids will buy shit toys as long as the shit they're molded from look like characters they recognize.


I was a kid once, and you know what I loved and why I kept buying toys? I love the cool, quality stuff of the 80's. I loved the stuff back then toy companies gave a damn about making quality toys. When things were detailed and made of good plastic and figures had joints and weren't junk figures just because they came with a vehicle and they were painted with detail and care and playsets were like small versions of the real thing with all kinds of working parts and---- Ah, to hell with it. Crap like this will never be remembered. This is not going to spark a child's imagination to want Superman figures for the next five years of his life because the toys are cool. This is a cheap cash-in figures that's meant to be sold to a parent or child on name recognition alone and then end up in a junk bin within a few weeks.

This is why the American toy market is nothing but crap. (No, not you NECA. You're still my favorite! <3)

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