Friday, November 16, 2012


Not sure what's been popping up in everyone's area, but I thought I'd share some of the new stuff I've been seeing at my local (Phoenix, AZ area) Toys R Us.

Here's the new and freakin' huge Vintage Collection Millennium Falcon. This retails for a whopping 249.99, which I don't understand at all since it's just a re-release of the Millennium Falcon from about five years ago which-- if I recall correctly-- retailed for about $140.This isn't inflation, this is Toys R Us and Hasbro gouging the hard-core fans.

I still want one, though... Damnit.

They had a huge display in front of this area, so I couldn't get in front of it to take really good pics.

Now these I don't want, but I still thought they looked cool. Little 2 1/2" super-deformed Mortal Kombat figurines.

I didn't even know this next set was being released-- it's a "Bloody Zombie 3-Pack" from the Walking Dead by McFarlane Toys. In person, to be honest, this thing looks like shit. Honestly terrible. They're supposed to be in "B&W" but they're just sloppily painted in muted tones with red paint all over them. And they're all re-hashed figures from the newest series. And 50 bucks?? Really!?! Yeah, I don't think so. 

For some reason, all the McFarlane Walking Dead stuff is way, way over priced.

Now here's something that's worth every penny. It's the NECA Toys R Us exclusive Ezio 2-Pack. This set looks beautiful in person. I'm not a fan of this game (I played the first one and thought it was way too slow and I found the controls really clunky-- it looked amazing, though) but I can tell you that this set has the usual NECA perfection. And-- hello!!! Extra hands!!! This needs to be a staple of American toys like it is with Japanese toys!!

29.99. Totally worth it.

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