Friday, November 30, 2012


NECA has given fans some new images of Rocky Balboa and Clubber Lang from series 3 of their Rocky line.

NECA made brilliant move with their Predator line when they began to use a semi-translucent plastic for the Predator's flesh. (Although why some new figures form the line still don't utilize this feature even though NECA already uses it for others is frustratingly confusing.) This gave the figures an amazingly realistic look, especially when combined with the overspray paint detailing they did on top of it.

NECA has taken that production concept and applied it to their Rocky figure line to give them an amazing look that really stands out beyond any regularly painted or molded color process.

Of course, the other thing that makes this line so outstanding is the quality of the sculpting and the liknesses-- even on the figures who are sculpted in a way where they're supposed to be getting "slo-mo" punched in the head, complete with flying blood!

Enjoy these very cool images..!

Look for them in stores (mostly Toys R Us) and online in Jan for around 17.99 each.

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