Friday, November 16, 2012


This is now the third version of Arnold that we've gotten from T2, but it might be the most anticipated! (Well, for me, at least.)

After a regular release (based on Arnold from the beginning of the film) and a slightly better DX version of the same T-800 with some added accessories (as he appears in the famous "gatling gun scene" at the Cyberdyne building) now comes a second DX version of the T-800 as he appears at the end of the film at the steel mill in the final showdown with the T-1000.

So now you can have a T-800 from every part of Terminator 2: Judgement Day! (If only we had a motorcycle for that early scene version! But, alas...)

The very best part of this figure-- aside from finally having a battle damaged Arnold that actually looks like Arnold (did you ever see Hot Toy's original battle damaged T-800 from like 5-6 years ago? Hoo boy... Not good!)-- is that the eye contains an LED light!!! Hell's yes!!

Pics are rather small at the moment. I'll update this post with the large-res ones once they're released as well as the pricing and release date info. But for now, just take a look at this--!!!

UPDATE: This figure has a release date of June 2013 (although it's likely to get pushed back as most Hot Toys figures are at some point) for a whopping 314.99!!!

Still worth it for that price?

::::::::Looks at what he comes with an how freaking awesome he is:::::

Yeah..... probably.

Damn you Hot Toys.

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