Friday, November 9, 2012


I'm intrigued by this line of Ultraman figures, although I don't yet own any.

Ultraman was my first exposure to the world of takusatsu. Both he and Godzilla were a constant part of my childhood television viewing.

I've had many Ultraman figures of varying shapes and sizes in my lifetime, but this series looks to be the best representation of him (and his "brothers") in action figure form thus far. I just wish I hadn't missed out on the re-release of the original Ultraman for this line earlier in the year. Now I've got to pay close to $100 for him on e-bay if I want one. Bummer.

But, if you're lucky enough to already be collecting this line, then you'll be happy to see these official Bandai pics of the upcoming Ultraman Jack!

He'll be released in March for Y3,675 (approx $48.00)

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