Thursday, November 15, 2012


The Ninja Turtles were one of my favorite toys lines when I was younger. (I don't say "as a kid" because I wasn't a kid when this line came out.) I don't know how many figures there were in total, but it must be well over 200!

There were definitely a few stand outs, but the whole line-- aside from the usually terrible Turtle variations (like the ones below)-- was full of amazing characters and creativity. Plus I'd been a huge fan of the comics since the day the first came out. (You know, when they were bad-ass, hard-core ninja mo' fo's, and not dumbed down pizza eating clowns.)

Here we have, as I mentioned, those exact kind of variations of the four Turtles themselves. Okay, so I know that this is mainly a kids line, so these variations are sure to be a hit with them, so I'll take them for what they are..

These Deluxe Turtle Figures are called "Flingers". (Really?? Flingers??? I could do way to many bad jokes with that name.) As you can see from the pics, they're called "flingers" for a reason, that being that they "fling" weapons.

Don and Raph seems to be normal, however Leo and Mikey have had some kind of bizarre surgery in which the contents of their bellies now "fling" out to attack their foes. Oh, wait... Maybe they're supposed to be throwing them... I'm not sure what's going on there...

The next round of Turtle variations are bit more interesting, even if they do look like a cross between firemen and Ghostbusters.

These are the Mutagen Ooze Turtles! Each figure will come with a backpack that you can fill with the Mutagen Ooze (sold seperately-- see below) that you can then launch via a catapult type mechanism.

Alright moms! Get ready to learn what every other mom learned in the 80's: no carpet is safe when a figure comes with "ooze" (or slime, as it was back in the 80's)!

  Look! It's ooze-- and four cute little baby turtles!

Also in this assortment will be two new villains: Snakeweed-- who looks pretty cool-- and Baxter Stockman, who was a character from the original line (and comics). Hopefully they'll also get around to doing his mutated form (assuming that happens in the new cartoons) as it was way cooler looking (and an homage to the movie The Fly!) than RoboBaxter.

And then they are also a few new vehicles on the horizon, all done in that usual Turtles style of having been parted together from a junkyard. Aside from the Sewer Playset and the Party Wagon, I was never a fan of any other Turtles vehicles, personally.

Here we have the Sewer Cruiser and the Drop Copter. (Jeeze, Leo barely fits in there!)

This is actually kinda a cool-- and a nice affordable alternative to the rather pricey Sewer Playset. It's a smaller sewer styled playset that collapses into faux pizza box! This one's called The Pop-Up Pizza Playset "Anchovy Alley".

Man, after years of lingering on the fringe of the greatness they once had-- and those god awful Star Trek movie figures they put out a few years back-- it looks like one of the huge kings of the 90's toy scene is finally making a major come back! The new Turtles stuff has been doing gangbusters for them and I'm really happy to see Playmates getting back to doing what they do best!

At this time, there's no pricing info on any of this stuff, but it's all slated for Jan/Feb 2013. I'll post more info when I've got it.

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