Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Many of you may not know of iGear Toys. They are a (I believe) China based company that does.... let's say Transformers related, or Transformers "inspired" figures, accessories and set.

While there are quite a few "unlicensed" companies out there making unlicensed Transformers product, none come close to the quality of IGear Toys. These guys are the real deal. The sculpt and produce their own Transformers inspired product as close to the quality of an actual Takara figures as I've seen.

They began just doing accessories for already existing TF's, and they also did an awesome playset of The Ark (which I own and freaking love!) for your G1 figures to be posed and displayed in.

In recent years however, they've been turning their talents towards making their own figures that are clearly supposed to be characters that we know-- but are named differently to avoid any legal issues.

Aside from their recent Masterpiece styled Ratchet and Ironhide-- I mean "Medical Specialist" and "Weapons Specialist"-- iGear also "remakes" some of our favorite original G1 mini-bots, but in a much more detail and posable way. These are four such figures, all of which are obviously forthcoming.

The first figure is a "Gears" inspired "transformable figure" named "Cogs". (Oh, how do they do it!) As with the other MiniWarriors before them, they feature two heads, one is like the original Hasbro/Takara figure, and one looks like cartoon style (although from what cartoon I'll never know!)

Next is a fellow named "Duneraker" cuz he rakes dunes. I mean, what do you think they'd call him, "Beachcomber"? I mean, come on!

Flower Power, baby!

This here fella's called "Bushwhacker" because he's from the "Outback"!

 Then finally, we have "Veer", not "Swerve". Got it?

Here are some shots of them together, along with some previously released MiniWarriors as well.

These guys usually take quite a while to come out, so don't expect anything too soon, but you can be sure that I'll post more release date a pricing info when I have it.

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