Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hey, know all those figures that have been warming the pegs at your local Warmart for the past few years?? Well-- lucky you-- here's your chance to buy them all in one nifty package!

Oh, that's awesome, mister! How do I do that?

Well, simply show up at your local Warmat between 8PM Thursday Nov 22nd and 11PM Friday Nov 23rd and you'll get your chance to buy these unwanted duds from both the Marvel movies lines and the Star Wars!

That seems almost too good to be true! But, surely these will cost me 50 or 60 dollar easily, right?

Wrong, my naive junk toy collector! These will only cost you a mere $25 each!

Here! Just take my money now!

Oh no, you'll have to wait for Black Friday, just like the rest of us. Just don't end up being that one guy who get's played on TV over and over because he got trampled in the Walmart doorway as you run to these little gems in the toy isles!

But, if they're only available until 11PM on Friday, what will happen to the huge piles of unsold sets that are sure to still be there?

Just check the dumpsters around back of the Walmart, that's where most of these figures came from in the first place!

Gee, thanks, mister! I sure will!

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