Thursday, November 8, 2012


Might be a little late for these, but here they come anyway...

From a cast of dozens, here comes a few characters!

Oh, Diamond Select, why do you always seem to do this? Look-- I'm a completist, okay? I don't want four of the six Avengers from the Avengers movie-- I want all six! Otherwise they just don't display right.

So, how many of the Expendables will we get? In all likelihood, probably just these three. But, hey, who knows? Maybe these will kick as much ass at retail as they did at the box office. If so, then the sky is the limit.

But, for now, you'll be getting Barney Ross-- with  and without beret (is it that hard to just make it removable??)-- and also Hale Caesar (Har! Har!) and Gunner Jensen. The other thing that bugs me about these figures that, in a movie full of weapons and guns, they just get some measly .45's?? Thankfully, Caesar comes with his auto-shotgun-- but how about some M-16's? MP-5's? AK-47's? Something other than just single pistol?? Oh, well.

 "Oh, I'm just so sad"


They'll be hitting stores Dec/Jan.

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