Wednesday, November 28, 2012


These figures look....weird.

Superman..? Looks weird. Darkseid..? Looks malformed. Aquaman..? Looks terrible with that huge torso joint.

When Mattel first added in this "ab crunch" joint, it was a nice addition to a previously ailing figure design that really needed an update, but I think we've reached that point once again.

Having a huge joint cut garishly located dead-center of every figure's torso just seems a bit archaic at this point. Harbro actually does this same joint much better and less obviously on their superhero figures-- even the 3 3/4" ones. (Although when thy use it to take the place of a waist joint, I find it to be a pretty shitty and cheap way of doing things.)

Time to revamp that design a bit, I think.

But, for those of you still willing and wanting to give you money to Mattel, here is the pic of the figures in question.

L to R: Superman "Injustice Gods Among Us", Darkseid (New 52) and Aquaman (New 52)
Not pictured but also in this wave: Joker "Injustice Gods Among Us"

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