Wednesday, June 5, 2013



Here's a look at the back of the packaging for the Aliens:Genocide 2-Pack.

NECA Aliens: Genocide Alien Figure 2-Pack Cardback


So awesome! And so....not awesome.

I love the "regular" Alien in this upcoming 2-Pack, but the red one...?? Not digging it at all.

In case your wondering why there's a red Alien in here to ruin what should be an otherwise awesome 2-Pack, it's because this 2-Pack is based on a comic book by Darkhorse Comics from 1991 titled Aliens: Genocide. It was about a civil war between two Alien tribes-- the blue and the red. (Long before HALO!)

Now, maybe a red alien worked for a comic book, but here is just looks horrible. Terrible. Silly. Bad.

I have no doubt that this set will sell well, but I'm also betting that e-bay will be littered with red Aliens from this set once it's released.

NECA Aliens: Genocide Alien 2-Pack

In other NECA Aliens news, they have announced (what we already kind of knew) that there will be two more 2-Pack coming this year along with this Alien: Genocide pack. These other packs will be variants of Hudson and Hicks-- both of which will have different accessories and helmets head sculpts from their carded releases. Hicks will come packed with the blue battle-damaged Alien that was saw at Toy Fair, and Hudson will come with the brown battle-damaged Alien, also shown at Toy Fair.

Aside from those, we will also get a Wave 2 with three more figures from the Aliens line (all of which are not announced at this time) and we'll also be getting an Alien Queen deluxe set!!

2013 is going to be a stellar year (silly red Alien and all) for Aliens fans, thanks to NECA!!

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