Sunday, January 13, 2013


Here we get our first look at the final packaged product pics for NECA's upcoming David figure from Prometheus.

I had originally planned to stick with just the two versions of the Engineers, but I've been having a hard time saying "no" to NECA's figures, so I may have to get David, too.

Now the only question will be if Series 2 sells well enough for us to see Series 3 and beyond. From what I've seen at the Toys R Us' in my area, Prometheus is doing okay, but not great, at retail. Terminator and Predator is selling much better by far.

My point just being that, if I have David, then I'd like to have a Shaw and Vickers. (That's an easy one for NECA-- same body-- just need different head sculpts!)

In addition to David 8, the "Deacon" (or proto-xenomorph) is also part of Series 2, although there's no pics of him released yet.

Both are slated for a late Feb release.

NECA Prometheus Series 2 - David 8 (packaged)

The above pic seems to be just two of the same figure. I don't think there's any variant there that I can see...

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