Saturday, January 26, 2013


Oh, Hot Toys... You complete bastards.

Hot Toys is definitely two things-- one, an amazing company that produces the best 1/6 collectible figures bar none, and two, not shy about being arrogant and greedy.

In an obvious (and almost childish) "cock-block" move to Play Imaginative's Super Alloy 1/6 scale Iron Man figure line announcement, Hot Toys announced today that-- guess what!-- they too will be doing a "bigger and better" line of die-cast Iron Man line of figures.

They do the same thing when their main competitor Enterbay make an announcement about a shared license. "Oh, Enterbay is making a new Terminator figure, well look at us! We've got three new Terminator figures coming!" It's just a way to promote brand loyalty and cut into the other guy's profits by encouraging collectors to wait for the Hot Toys figures rather than buy the stuff from other companies that will actually be coming out first.

Those of you who have been in the 1/6 game for a decade or more will also remember the days of Dragon doing this with every bbi announcement, too. In most cases, when Dragon would announce a figure that bbi had just announced, Dragon's version was never actually released due to the fact that these announcements are meant to encourage buyers not to buy the competitor's products more than to actually announce their own.

Will this be the case with Hot Toy's new announcement, too? They already seem to be behind their release date schedule on a lot of already produced figures-- and they have a lot more that have been announced and are in the works.

With a new 1/4 scale line of figure supposedly being focused along with their regular 1/6 line, when would they even have the time or sculpting talent to create third line of figures? Will Hot Toys be growing as a company, or will they finally bite off more than they can chew?

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