Saturday, January 19, 2013


Anyone who has read my blog here knows that I'm not a fan of Hasbro these days...

They've shown us some brilliant figures (like the Avengers Black Widow, and the GI Joe line's Renegades Storm Shadow and POC Low-Light), but recently, what they've been showing us even more, is that they prefer to cash in on a cheap buck via summer blockbuster licenses, with a major cold shoulder towards the adult collector base.

With a reduction in the size of recent Transformers, to the extreme limitation on the articulation points of recent action figures (Hasbro used to be the one to set and then break the standards in that area), many collectors are wondering if Hasbro's best days behind them (at least as far as the actual product quality is concerned. They are most likely making more money now with the blockbuster Marvel and TF movies-- and by cutting back on costs/quality-- which I'm sure is making all the right people at the company very happy.)

Anyway... I'll climb down off of my Hasbro soapbox and get to the pics of the crap-- I mean, figures.

Once again, the sculpting and designs look good-- but the end result looks like cheap dollar store figures. Extremely limited articulation and paint apps along with these crap jumbo weapons that Hasbro feels that every movie figure must have take away from what these figures could have been.

Hasbro Iron Man 3 "Assemblers" Iron Man figure

Hasbro Iron Man 3 "Assemblers" Iron Man figure

Hasbro Iron Man 3 "Assemblers" Iron Man figure

Hasbro Iron Man 3 "Assemblers" Iron Man figure

Hasbro Iron Man 3 "Assemblers" Iron Patriot figure

Hasbro Iron Man 3 "Assemblers" Iron Man figure

Announced but not shown yet is the 6" Marvel Legends style Iron Man 3 figures. Now these should be more of a "collector's line", so if Hasbro drop the ball on them then I think collectors have a reason to be concerned for the future.

Slated for that line is the "Classic Horned Iron Man", "Heroic Age Iron Man" and the "Iron Patriot". The interesting thing about this line is that each figure comes with a piece of a build-a-figure to make an "Iron Monger" figure.

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