Thursday, January 16, 2014


This could turn out to be very, very cool.

I loved Micronauts as a kid. I had a lot of the toys, and the comic remained one of my favorite titles throughout most of its entire run.

But, of course, in Japan, the line-- produced by Takara-- was called Microman, and was far, far more vast than anything we saw here, stateside.

For years and years, many companies toyed with the idea of bringing The Micronauts (the line continued to live on in Japan), but nothing ever came of it it other than Palisades Toys' re-releases (and repaints) of the original toys. But, as far as a total reboot inspired by the original line, it's been 35+ years, and so far, nothing.

But now it looks like 3A is going to take a shot at the license, although it will be under the Micoman title.

So, these won't be any of the characters we know from the comics, and they don't (so far) look like the figures originally created by Takara, although they definitely show their inspiration.

These figures will be 6" tall-- not 3.75". They also seem to have real cloth clothing on them.

Called "String Divers" they definitely resemble the original "Time Traveler" figures.

Depending on the pricing, I'd be very interesting in pick up one or two of these guys. But, so far, we know neither a price or release date, although I expect we will soon.

I really like the look of these figures. Definitely a stylish modern update of the old line with clear inspiration in their design. I'm very anxious to see where this line will go. Hopefully, 3A will stay close enough to the original figures to not make them too unrecognizable from the license that spawned the line in the first place.

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