Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The final three waves of The Four Horsemen Studios Outer Space Men should be released in March.

With that anticipation, 4H will be releasing images of the final, packaged product, a figure at a time. I'll be bringing all of those images to you here.

I'm a huge fan of this line (although I really wish they finally kick off the official Power Lords line already!), and am sad to see it come to a close, but it's pretty cool that we got all the figures in this line that never made it to the original one back in 1968.

The final six figures will be-- Colossus Rex and Gamma-X (Dlx Wave 2) along with OSM creator Mel Birnkrant's new creations, the human astronauts Jack Asteroid and Terra Firm, and two new [female] alien creations Horroscope and Ohpromatem.

Shown first is Ohpromatem, which you might notice is Metemorpho (who is also from Alpha Centauri) spelled backwards. Like Metemorpho, she also features a knob in which, when turned, reveals one of three heads.

Today we get a look at another of the new female aliens, Horroscope. Like Xodiac, she is also from Saturn and has sea-creature type appearance.

Today's newly shown figure is the first human character to be added to the line-- Jack Asteroid.

Originally, when the original line was produced in 1968 by Colorforms, the OSM figures were meant to be "unofficial" companion pieces to Mattel's popular Major Matt Mason line, which utilized the same "bendie" joint system. Looking at Jack here, it's so brilliantly reminiscent of Matt Mason that it really makes me wish that we had an official figure (or even an unofficial one) to join the ranks of the OSM. But, I'm still overjoyed to have Jack, regardless.

I expect that tomorrow we'll be seeing Jack's fellow human (female) astronaut, Terra Firma.

Two new Outer Space Men (well, technically, one outer spaceman and one Earth woman!) for you today!

The Four Horsemen have given us a look at the final, packaged versions of the retro beauty known as Terra Firma (such a great name!) and the creepy weird-o, Gamma-X: The Man From the 4th Dimension.

Gamma-X will be part of a Deluxe Set of figures along with (the yet to be shown) Colossus Rex.

The final image of the final figure of Outer Space Men from The Four Horsemen is finally here.

This line has been fantastic. The 4H have done an amazing job of reintroducing these figures to the world, and, while at first I didn't like the idea of a 3.75" scale (the originals were about 5" tall), I've come to really appreciate it, and I think it heavily contributed to the longevity and affordability of the line.

And let's not forget the Glyos joint system that allows you to take every figure apart at every joint and mix and match them into any creation of your own design that you'd like.

Lastly in the line, we have The Man From Jupiter, Collosus Rex. The original figure only included the mace, but the 4H decided to give him a little boost in order to truly make him a "deluxe" figure. (Both he and Gamma-X are in the Dlx. Wave.)

From what I was told at SDCC this past year, we can expect to see these final figures go up for order at Storehorsemen.com in March.

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