Wednesday, January 22, 2014


UPDATE 1/22/2014 - WTF!?!?!

The original price that this set was set as was $84.99. Okay, not a "deal", but certainly more than reasonable.

Then, when TRU put the set up on their website for pre-order, it was listed at $119.99. That's a $35 price hike! Somehow, TRU went from a resonable asking price, to wanting top dollar for the set.

Now, the pre-order price on this price has been bumped up to $139.99. What in the fu...............?????

Toys R Us is now just trying to gouge collectors! This is beyond outrageous! $140 plus tax for five figures?!?! Why in the hell would these figures be more than they are in Toys R Us stores-- $20 each?

This is crazy. This is an outrage. This is just pure greed and evil on TRU's part.

I want these figures, but for $140? No f***ing way.


When images of this set first hit the net a few weeks ago, they were "leaked" without any real info.

The original conjecture was that it would be a SDCC exclusive set for this year, but now official word is coming from Hasbro that it will actually be a Toys R Us exclusive set.

This should please a lot of fans since most either can't attend SDCC, or can't afford to pay the after-market price for the exclusives. (Although there will hopefully still be a SDCC exclusive set this year.)

I'm definitely excited to get my hands on this set. While I haven't been a huge fan of the All-New X-Men comic (Stuart Immonen's art is absolutely brilliant, but Bendis is not hitting the mark on the X-Books for me. His writing style has worn out its welcome for me. He seems more in it to amuse himself with his own clever lines than actually giving that characters any variance in personality. These are comics, not a child's cartoon, so left move on from all the constant, constant "witty quips", please), I love the original X-Men, and these figures really capture their designs better than any that have come before.

My only gripe is that, for teenagers, they look way bulkier and ripped than they should at this age. Some thinner bodies and some younger sculpts would have served these figures better, I think. But, it's a small gripe and in no way is a deal-breaker for me.

The set is slated to start hitting stores February 1st (only a few weeks away!) for a retail price of $84.99


  1. Are these going to be the 3 3/4'' or the 6'' models?

    1. They are the 6".

      Marvel Legends = 6"

      Marvel Universe = 3.75"

  2. Funny, I noticed this the other day with their Marvel Infinite Legends figures also. In store they are $19.99 (as is hasbros price as well). But online...24.99! Guess they figured "hey you want that black cat...come get it!". They did it with the TMNT classic bebop and rocksteady a few weeks back as well.