Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Aw man, this thing is almost perfect!!

If you collect Predator figures, what are the two Predators that you're just going to have to have in your collection? The Predators from Predator and Predator 2, right?

Well, NECA is giving us both of them in this awesome exclusive 2-Pack! There's only one catch-- well, two actually... One, they're "battle damaged" versions of the characters.


I am not a fan of "scene specific" figures. If I'm going to own a character for my collection, I want it to be the most iconic version of that character that exists.

But, I digress...

In this set, we get the original "Jungle Hunter" Predator in his open-mouthed, unhelmeted form. The great thing about this figure is that he includes the newer style articulation that the recent waves of NECA Predators have featured in the legs. The other good thing is that the "battle damage" seems to be limited to just his ankle-- as it was in the movie.

This figure should help a lot of people (like myself!) who have been trying to find a decent priced NECA Classic Predator on e-bay. (But now I'm going to want the helmeted version now, too.)

The "City Hunter" Predator has much more damage and blood on him. He also includes a head sculpt with the re-breather mask on, which make him different from the previously released unmasked version, and the upcoming helmeted "City Hunter" version. It looks like his forearm is also detachable to fully recreate his damage from the film.

No firm release date or pricing information yet, but it will be hitting Toys R Us' before the end of the year.

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