Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Will this Darth Vader be the perfect companion piece for Hot Toy's Luke Skywalker? God, I hope so!

Please, please, please Sideshow-- don't screw the pooch on this one!

Sideshow has the best sculptors, creates the best statues and maquettes-- but for some reason always drops the ball on their 1/6 scale figures.

I used to collect their 1/6 Star Wars line-- even had the Jabba set-- but I sold it all off because it suffered from productions and QC issues, and it just never got better.

But this Vader... I have hopes. I really do. I want this Vader, but I'm gonna need to see in-hand reviews before I drop any bucks on it.

I'm not one of those crazy Vader experts who knows exactly how the helmet looked and changed with each film, so that's not going to be my issue, but the scale and quality and articulation of the under-body are going to have to be worth the big-o bucks that I know they're going to be asking for it.

Fingers crossed.

Teaser Pic

Still not release date or pricing info yet.

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