Saturday, October 6, 2012


Nothing says love like dragging your armless zombie boyfriend around on a leash, and not McFarlane Toys let's you recreate the fun in the comfort and safety of your own home!

I found the Series 1 zombies to be bad-ass, and the Series 1 characters to be total turds. The paint-jobs were sloppy and weak, and the sculpts had about 50% of the likeness that McFarlane Toys had shown in their prototype pics. I'm thinking that Series 3 will be about the same.

I'm just not a fan of the pre-posed action figure. Either make 'em statues or make 'em figures. Don't frustrate me with something in the middle that I can't pose myself. McFarlane can do better than this, so I don't know why they don't-- other than the fact that they don't have to because they're going to sell anyway. Oh yeah, I guess there's that.

Series 3 looks to be a little more robust than Series 1 with the addition of Michonne and her two "pet" zombies. Also, we get Merle in all his hook-handed glory! I'm assuming that we'll see quite a bit of him this upcoming season, even though his character doesn't exist in the comics. There's also some other zombie guy in there.

A B&W 3-pack of Michonne and her zombie pals will also be released. I assume it will be an exclusive of some kind. Probably Previews.

 Michonne. She will kick your ass. Brutally.

"Uhhh.. can somebody help me pull up my pants..."

Not sure which is which, but one of these guys is Mike and the other is Terry.

 Alright! Merle is back! Let's give this guy a hand!

"Grrrr. Arrgh."

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