Saturday, October 6, 2012


Thank you Hasbro for listening! Uhhhh... to my private thoughts! It's like they're in my head! Creepy!

Just a few weeks ago I mentioned to a friend how Hasbro's rip-off knock-off awesome brick line Kre-O seems perfectly suited for their own property: G.I. Joe! I mean, with all the Joe vehicles that they have to choose from, it seems like a no-brainer for a line that's based on building vehicles.

But, with G.I. Joe not being the retail juggernaut that Transformers is, I assumed it was just a pipe dream. (Although they'd have to sell better than the Battleship sets, I'd imagine. I don't think many kids are clamoring for those. "Dad, I want this rip off toy set based on a box office bomb!")

With the promotional image being based on the cover to issue #1 of the comic, I have hope that they will (hopefully) do proper conversions of the original ones. (Hasbro-- read: there is no reason to invent new vehicles! Use the damn classic ones people already LOVE.)

These are supposed to be unveiled at the upcoming NYCC next weekend. I'm anxious to see the pics and pray that Hasbro doesn't rape my inner child by showing us some newly invented or (even worse) movie inspired vehicles.

Is this image a sign of hope, or simply a red herring?

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