Saturday, October 13, 2012


Here is some very cool new coming out of the NYCC going on this weekend. Mattel was there to show off all their new and upcoming product, including these two new additions to the Masters of the Universe Classic lines: Clamp Champ and He-Man from The New Adventures of He-Man.

Both figures look outstanding-- as most figures from this line do (whether they're actually characters I care about or not.)

Clamp Champ is a must own for any collector buying all the original characters, but this new He-Man is a bit of a surprise in how awesome he actually looks!

I had no interest in the New Adventures line as a kid, and I didn't have an interest in those characters in the new Classics line either, but that He-Man looks-- I mean, wow-- really nice! I'm really caught off guard by how much I actually love the look of this figure!

I know this version of He-Man was one of the most fan demanded figures next to Ram Man since the line started, so I'm sure there are plenty of fans who are anxiously awaiting July of 2013 when this figure will be released. And the best/worst part is that Mattel did a special ball joint on his wrist so that he can hold his sword in that classic He-Man pose! Best for this figure-- and worst for our original He-Man who should have had this feature, too! I doubt that Mattel will do another run of the original He-Man with this new ball joint since they already have a glut of He-Man's that they're trying to sell on Mattcollector, but it sure would be great to have!!!

Clamp Champ (July 2013 subscription figure)

New Adventures He-Man (July 2013 non-subscription figure)

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