Sunday, October 7, 2012


Evolution Toy's newest upcoming release in their Dynamite Action line-- which, as you may have guessed, so far consists of classic Japanese robot toys-- is the v2 of a true Japanese classic-- Tetsujin 28.

Now, don't get your hopes up that this thing is a "Chogokin" (die-cast metal), because it's not. Its actually made of ABS plastic (PVC).


And the other bad part is that the figures in the Dynamite Action line are about 7" tall and cost a whopping USD 140+.

This figures is no doubt a beauty, but for that price, I know it's an easy pass for me. Plus I only collect die-cast robots. Plastic robots are blasphemous!!

>A-Hem< Anyway... This figure comes with two sets of hands and a little Seitaro figure with his control box. Certainly a nice touch.

 It arrives in Jan of next year at about USD 140.00-- although if you look around, you can currently find him discounted at several import sellers.

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