Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We've already seen a few companies do a 1/6 scale "unlicensed" Rayne from the video game "Blood Rayne", but I think that this is the best of the lot so far.

Phicen, so far, is mostly known for creating a "seamless" (i.e. no exposed joints) female body for 1/6 scale collectors and customizers to create female figures that show a little more "skin", but without all the unsightly cuts and joints of a regular 1/6 scale body.

This time out, they're hitting the market with a whole, complete figure using, of course, their seamless 1/6 scale body.

The head, as with most 1/6 females on the market, is still too doll-like for me, but I have no doubt that many collectors will be loving Phicen's Rayne figure just because of the appeal of her design and over all bad-assery!

If you'd like one, you can head over to Phicen's site and order one direct from them. Otherwise, just keep a eye out for her to go up for pre-order at your favorite 1/6th retailers soon.

Available in late Dec for 99.99

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