Sunday, October 7, 2012


Here comes the biggest of all the Super Hero LEGO sets yet, and it's a worthy one-- Arkham Asylum!

I love LEGOs. They were a major mainstay of my childhood and up through my teens. Aside from all the cool sets LEGO had available, I also loved creating my own ships, robots and characters. So, when I new line comes out, I'm always tempted to collect it.

I bought all the LEGO Super Hero sets from this year, but ended up selling them all. Yes, they are so much fun to put together, but, after that, they just look like kids toys on your shelf. And, next to my Hot Toys and other high-end figure, they just don't fit in. (Plus they take up way too much room.)

So, while this set makes me all dreamy eyed, I'm done with my LEGO collecting for now. But, for those who aren't, I'm sure this will be at the top of your must-have list when it's released next year.

LEGO says it will be in stores in Jan and cost you $150 bucks.

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