Sunday, October 7, 2012


Okay, I'm just gonna say it: Enough with the Iron Man's already! I mean, how many different Iron Man's (Men?) from how many different companies in how many different scales do we need??? And it doesn't help that he's have seven mostly slightly different armors.

Hot Toys... Hasbro... Marvel Select... Revoltech... All of them endlessly crank out Iron Man's-- and Iron Man 3 comes out next year, so we have all of those versions to look forward to, too.

At first, trying to get all the different versions of his armor was fun. At first. Now it would be a nightmare, and an expensive nightmare if you were collecting Hot Toys and/or any of the other companies' versions.

But, here we are again... looking at yet another Iron Man offering in yet another scale by yet another company-- Kaiyodo, from their Revoltech line.

Let's have a look, shall we?

 "Does this armor make my ass look fat?"

 Mandatory Iron Man Pose

As with all Japanese action figures, IM comes with extra hands. Uh, hello US toy makers!! Are you seeing this???

Aaaaannnd it looks like a Mk VII is also headed our way.

Well, there's no denying that this is one amazing looking figure. If you own any of the (newer) Revoltech figures, then you know that they're pretty awesome. 

If Kaiyodo were doing all the Marvel Movie characters in this form, I'd be buying them. But to just own an Iron Man and nothing else in the Marvel Universe in this size, scale and line... Well, that just isn't how I collect. Easy pass for me-- as has already been the case with the others.

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