Thursday, October 25, 2012


I don't know what the deal is, but Ryuki seem to be getting a lot of love right now at the moment.

The latest display of that love comes from Medicom (who has a seriously awesome and very expensive line of Kamen Rider figures) as, 10 years after his show ended, they finally put Kamen Rider Ryuki on their release schedule.

I hear both good and bad things about Medicom these days. I used to collect their stuff when they first hit the market and, while it was better than anything American made at the time, they were still using a body very much based on Hasbro's original 60's GI Joe.

Things have greatly improved since then, but Medicom still has yet to match the quality of many of the HK 1/6 scale companies in terms of detail and base body design.

But, regardless of those factors, their Kamen Rider line still is a beautiful sight to behold. So, for those of you who collect them, you'll finally have Ryuki to add to your collection come May (although I've also heard March) and for only Y19,950 (that's 250 bucks, y'all!)

Dragon Rider Kick!

Ready for "Strike Vent"!

Dragsaber and Advent Cards

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