Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Oh, hell.... That Egg Chamber playset is freakin' awesome.

Now I'm regretting selling off my Alien figures from last year's SDCC!

I liked them well enough, but once I had them in hand I was like "cool... but what am I really going to do with these?" I personally don't collect anything that I have to store in a closet, garage or storage somewhere. I'm a "display collector". If it isn't being displayed anymore then that means I'm probably bored with it and am going to sell it off and buy something else.

As absolutely awesome as this playset is, I'm probably going to pass on picking it up... But, damn, it's just so awesomely Kenner!! Those of us who grew up with Kenner's Star Wars line will know exactly what I mean.

UPDATE - The playset will sell for $100 and will be limited to 250 pieces.

There's also going to be an exclusive "mystery egg" exclusive that will be 6" tall and will include one of many different Alien figures and paint schemes. (Expect one or two to be a lot more rare than others.) So, you won't know which figure you've got until you open it and see.

But, in case you get doubles of figures that you didn't really want, Super 7 will be holding an event at their booth on Friday at 6PM where people can gather and swap and trade their figures. Pretty cool idea!

UPDATE - Each Egg will retail for $25 each and there will be a limit of four per person.

There's still the Pulp Fiction ReAction exclusive to be revealed, but I have a funny feeling that it will be a playset featuring Jules and Vincent in the apartment from the beginning of the film.

All this info comes care of http://www.actionfigureinsider.com, so thanks fellas!

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