Tuesday, July 22, 2014

TOY NEWS FOR 7/22/2014 - NECA - 1984 GODZILLA

UPDATE! Sculpt has been revamped! Check it out here!

The good folks over at tohokingdom.com have given us our first look at NECA's upcoming 1984 version of Godzilla from "The Return of Godzilla" and he looks..... odd.

Granted, the 1984 Godzilla was a bit weird looking to begin with, but NECA seems to have somehow accentuated all the wonky parts of this Godzilla design. The biggest issue that I'm having with the figure is that-- due to the head articulation joint-- he looks like he's wearing a turtleneck sweater! There's way too much of a gap in that joint and it makes it appear as if his tiny little head was just plopped on his neck, like a cherry on top of ice cream. I wish they had blended the head into the neck a little better...

But, like I said, the 1985 Godzilla was one of the more bizarre designs... With his lanky body. longer neck and smaller, more blunt head, so it's not that NECA has done a bad job here, there's just areas that, if they had taken a little bit of creative license, could have been better. The spines on his back also look a little too small-- even when compared to the actual suit design.

The '94 Godzilla looks impressive, and I really love my 2014 Godzilla, so I'm sure I'll be getting this one, too. Hopefully he'll see a few tweeks before he's released, though.

And here's a look at the '85 suit from The Return of Godzilla for a little comparison...

This figure should sell for around $22.00 with a release date to be announced.


  1. Actually, the 1984 suit design is considered amongst the fans as one of the best, most recognizable designs. The suit design... mind you. The 'Cybot' Godzilla animatronic puppet they created of his upper torso is a far cry from the suit itself.

    Now... I'm a NECA junkie, infact, my collectibles store can boast for NECA as being one of our most popular retailers. However, that said, this is for sure a weak entry on NECA's behalf. I understand wanting to compete with a high end line like S.H. Monsterarts, and putting the product out for an unbeatable price... but this...

    I'll still buy it.

    1. That seems to be the consensus of most collectors... It's not that great and doesn't quite look enough like the suit-- but I'll still buy it. I'm feeling the same exact way!

      Wish it was better, but I'll definitely be picking him up.