Thursday, July 31, 2014


This was definitely one of the most exciting toys I saw at SDCC.

Mezco has always been a toy company full of potential greatness as an action figure leader in the toy industry-- and they've touched on that greatness several times-- but they've always abandoned it in lieu of producing "knick-knack" toys and "staction-figures", but their sculpting and production has always been top notch.

These new Batman figures from their newly created One:12 Collective figure line realize that full potential even more than I ever thought they could.

As the name implies, they will be in the 6" scale. The sculpting and articulation are in league with what collectors have come to expect from a high-end collector figure of this scale. Where Mezco has really raised the bar though, is in the design of the figure, which will feature real cloth costumes.

Usually, toy companies shy away from this idea, stating that cloth on a figure less than 12" ends up looking like a Mego, or retro-styled figure; big, oversized clothes that don't quite fit like they should.

Mezco has said: to hell with that. We're not only going to make cloth costumes on a 6" figure work, but it's going to look awesome! And, believe me, it does.

Just look at these pics of their first figure(s)-- Batman from Frank Miller's opus, The Dark Knight Returns.

Awesome posability, quality craftsmanship and an uncanny likeness to Miller's artistic rendition of, well, the Dark Knight! This line is truly something to be excited about.

Mezco is also producing figures from Universal Monsters, Batman (1989 film) and the comic series Judge Dredd in The One:12 Collective line.

They're also working on a highly articulated 6" Mortal Kombat figure line which, as of now, won't be part of the One:12 Collective.

So, it looks like Mezco has officially thrown their hat back into the action figure game in a major way! I look forward to seeing them continue to push the boundaries for years to come.

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