Tuesday, July 8, 2014


At first glance, these don't look like your typical "construction sets" (i.e. LEGOs), but that's because McFarlane Toys has decided to not put the connection points on the outside of the builds. Meaning that, when you begin to take these apart, you'll see that familiar look beneath the exterior parts of the completed build. So, these sets, like all the others out there, will be compatible to build with other brands.

But who wants to do that??

I want to build these just like they look here!

I want Daryl riding on his bike down the side of the road. I want the Governor sitting in his creepy fish tank room. And I definitely want the prison set up exactly as it looks here!

But, these are "construction sets". So much so that there will even be blind bag figures available at launch in the form of both zombies and the human characters. (Bags will be labeled to show that it will be a human or zombie, but you still won't know which character is inside.)

Sets will range from between 20 - 50 dollars with the Prison set coming in at $64.99. Compared to "the big brand", those prices are pretty good!

Yes, the lights in the fish tanks will actually light up!

These sets will debut at Toys R Us this fall.

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