Wednesday, July 23, 2014


It's getting late and I need to take my ass to bed because I gotta get up in five hours to drive out to Comic-Con, but I couldn't leave without dropping some new and exciting news.

I've been very hard and down on Mezco ever since I started this blog. I used to see them as a brilliant, up and coming toy company that was making some awesome stuff (the Mike Mignola styled Hellboy figures come to mind), but in recent years, they've stopped producing action figures and have replaced them with in-action figures. Essentially, plastic statures with arms that go up and down and heads the turned-- at best.

I always used to say, "What happens to you, Mezco...?" (Although I will admit that their 16" Thundercats still stand as the absolute best representation of those characters in plastic form. It's just a shame that we never go a Tigra.)

Well, Mezco is not only turning things around with their company, they're about to turn the entire 6" figure market around!

They have announced a new like titled "The One:12 Collective". (1:12 being the 6" in scale.)

The first figures they're going to launch with are going to be these two versions of Batman from the classic graphic novel by Frank Miller: The Dark Knight Returns.

All of their figures will have a high level of articulation and will feature real cloth costumes-- something many other toy companies claimed to be impossible in that scale.

Just take a look at these pics! Awesome stuff! Expect more news about this line to come out of SDCC this week.

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