Sunday, July 6, 2014


I love so many of the unused Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars designs. There's just something about them that is so retro and very much captures the era in which they were created.

Plus, it's always cool to see what Star Wars could have looked like.

McQuarrie's design of this early version of Luke only appeared in a single painting where he squares off against an early design of Darth Vader. (See image below.) Because of this, every time a toy or company stature decides to recreate this Luke-- and there have been a few-- they sort of have to "fill in the gaps"-- which is mainly the front of Luke where we can't see the rest of McQuarrie's design.

This version by Gentle Giant, while pretty cool, feels a bit too straight-forward to me.

Obviously, the design of Luke's breathing apparatus is reminiscent of scuba gear, but in this case, I feel like GG took that too literally. Even the goggles look like straight up swim goggles.

But, all in all, if we can get a McQuarrie designed piece, I'm always cool with that. Plus, I know a lot of collector's will want this one to go with GG's previously released McQuarrie Darth Vader bust.

It will be limited to 500 pieces and will be available at SDCC for $85.00

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  1. You nailed that...he looks like scuba steve. That unfortunately would probably get alot of the wrong questions if you shelled that money out and put it with other star wars 'things'. Like, "Dude...who's the diver next to vader and yoda?". I think of a boushh like mask, or at least goggles in that realm. But like, you said...its all over the place, and thats just me. GG did seem to hit TOO straight forward in my opinion as well.